Chimney Deglazing

Creosote and soot build-up in your fireplace or wood stove chimney can be a fire hazard if your chimney system is not properly cleaned and maintained. Etreme buildup of creosote can produce a tar or glaze. The most extreme is the third degree creosote.

Third-degree creosote is nearly impossible to remove by regular chimney sweeping. Many times a chimney professional may be able to determine the cause of this hazardous build-up and recommend solutions to prevent this potentially dangerous form of creosote from reoccurring.

Removing Glazed Creosote

Removing glazed creosote by normal chimney sweeping is nearly impossible; however, there are several methodscre_away2_lg available to chimney sweeps. One involves the use of caustic chemicals, another, a special rotary cleaning device. Both methods are typically time consuming and expensive. But Cre-Away chemically modifies existing third-degree creosote by changing it to a substance that can be more easily removed by normal chimney sweeping methods.

The time it takes to chemically modify third-degree creosote with Cre-Away will depend on many variables such as: type of wood, moisture content, burning habits, air flow, flue size and amount of existing buildup. In some cases reaction time is fairly fast, within a week or two. Other more difficult build-up problems may require regular use and multiple cleanings during the heating season to completely modify the existing third-degree creosote.

The Solution. Cre-Away Creosote Modifier

Cre-Away is a four component powder that safely and effectively modifies glazed or third-degree creosote so that it can be more easily removed by chimney sweeping. First, a reactive agent neutralizes the slightly acidic creosote making it less corrosive to metal components and less flammable. Second, a dehydrator absorbs the oils and moisture contained in some forms of creosote. Third, a combustion inhibitor helps reduce the chance of chimney fires. Finally, a magnesium catalyst helps break down third-degree creosote when the flue is heated by normal use.

By simply squeezing the bottle pointed directly up the flue (with an upward draft) near the top if the firebox, the powder is carried up the chimney coating the entire surface of the flue and enabling the four components to start working. You can treat the chimney with each fire during a two week period.

After all of the Cre-Away has been used, the chimney should be cleaned again to remove what the Cre-Away has broken down. We also provide professional Cre-Away treatments using the Cre-Away applicator with compressed air to apply the professional formula.